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An innovative, multi-level certificate program allows for a precise match to individual qualification needs, from thematically focused microcredentials to the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS).
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Core aspects of AISA Training

  1. Specific consultation on AI and SE, delivered by the AISA PhD students
  2. A structured course catalog in the AISA core areas (AI, SE, didactics, X) of existing and emerging courses that can be taken by interested students across all degree programs
  3. Certificates of varying scope (micro degrees, CAS, DAS) that can be earned by taking specified courses from the course catalog

Important Notice: Registration for winter term 23/24 is closed

Please note that the registration for the winter term 2023/2024 is no longer open.

The registration deadlines are as follows:

October 1st for the winter term.
April 1st for the summer term.

Registration will be reenabled June 2, 2024.


Contact for AISA Training

This image shows Maria Wirzberger

Maria Wirzberger

Jun.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Professor for Teaching and Learning with Intelligent Systems | Spokesperson of the Stuttgart Research Focus IRIS | Co-Director of the AI Software Academy

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