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AISA Research

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AISA Research Projects

Researcher: Alexander Van Craen, Nico Segreto
PI: Dirk Pflüger, Johannes Kästner

AISA Kick-Off Event Poster

Researcher: Mayar Alfares
PI: Andreas Bulling, Ralf Küsters

Researcher: Renan Pereira Alessio
PI: Felix Fritzen, Steffen Staab

AISA Kick-Off Event Poster

Researcher: Markus Haug
PI: Stefan Wagner, Ngoc Thang Vu, Justus Bogner

Researcher: Shermin Sherkat
PI: Andreas Wortmann, Thomas Wortmann

AISA Kick-Off Event Poster

Researcher: Moatez Chehoudi
PI: Oliver Riedel, Alexander Verl, Stefan Wagner

Researcher: Simeon Rau
PI: Michael Sedlmair, Stefan Wagner

Researcher: Nadine Koch
PI: Steffen Becker, Maria Wirzberger

Researcher: Christian Pfaendner
PI: Kristyna Pluhackova, Benjamin Unger

AISA Associate Projects

Research: Umm-e-Habiba
PI: Stefan Wagner

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