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About the creation of AISA

The creation of AISA was initiated in 2021. At the University of Stuttgart, and within the Cyber Valley ecosystem, the need for experts being capable to cope with emerging challenges in AI related software was identified as a major challenge for the near future.

In close cooperation with Cyber Valley and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg, the concept of AISA was developed. Backed by both clusters of excellence - SimTech (EXC-2075) and IntCDC (EXC-2120), with strong support from the rectorate and the involved disciplines, AISA was realized within few months time.

The first projects lounged in August 2021. A total of 11 research projects were funded in the first round within AISA Research, with various engineering and scientific disciplines as well as computer science and software engineering involved. The researchers within these projects are also responsible for AISA Training. Parallel, a dedicated AI enabled computer infrastructure is set up, the AISA Infrastructure.

AISA Organization

AISA is managed by an interdisciplinary professorial Board of Directors (BoD): Steffen Becker, Felix Fritzen, Steffen Staab, Stefan Wagner, and Maria Wirzberger. Decisions related to funding, events, research and training activities are taken by the BoD.

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