Probabilistic Mashine Learning

Master | WT | 6 ECTS | EN

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Autonomous Systems (M.Sc.), Bachelor Lehramt mit Kunst, Bachelor Lehramt mit Musik, Chemistry and Bio Engineers (B.Sc.), Computational Linguistics (M.Sc.), Computer Science (B.Sc. / M.Sc./ Exchange Program), Data Science (B.Sc.), Electrical Engineering (Exchange Program), Engineering Cybernetics (M.Sc. / B. Sc.), Informatics (M. Ed. / State Examination for Teachers ), Information Technology (M.Sc.), Mathematics (B.Sc. /M. Sc.), Mechanical Engineering (B. Sc. / Exchange Programms/ M. Sc.), Mechatronics (B. Sc. / M.Sc.), Media Computer Science (B.Sc.), Physics (M. Sc.), Simulation Technology (B. Sc./ M. Sc.), Software Engineering (B. Sc./ M.Sc), Technology Management (B.Sc.), Vehicle and Engine Engineering (M.Sc. / B.Sc.) 

Lecturer in winter term 2023:

This image shows Steffen Staab

Steffen Staab

Prof. Dr.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Spokesperson EXC 2075

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