Post-Quantum Secure Cryptography

Master | ST | 6 ECTS | DE/EN

Basic information

C@MPUS: Description of the module, dates, link to the Ilias-group

Scheduled semester

2. semester Master (according to curriculum)


Annual, in the summer term



Associated events
  • Lecture and Exercise 

Computational Linguistics (M. Sc.) Computer Science (M. Sc./ B.Sc. / Staatsexamen), Data Science (B. Sc.), Informatik (Staatsexamen), Information technology (M.Sc.), Mathematics (B.Sc. / M. Sc.), Media Computer Science (B.Sc.),  Software Engineering (M. Sc. / B. Sc.) 

Lecturer in summer term 2022:

This image shows Ralf Küsters

Ralf Küsters

Prof. Dr.

Head of Institute

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